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March 06, 2007



fearlessness....wow. what a wonderful place to be. so much of the world exists in a fear base...can you imagine if everyone lived in a love based world? what a difference that would make.

well done, sir.


Thanks Meredith,

Fear is just a manifestation of our delusions. When you think I am "me" as a separate entity as opposed to an eternal process, we feel we can be hurt or harmed. This is untrue, you can never be harmed, go straight toward what you fear, ... you will love more, and smile more.

I read from your blog you do tonal Reiki , awesome .. I practice sanskrit mantra. Remember in all mythic traditions , sound precedes light... "and God 'said' let there be light."

one love,



i know that Fear is a delusion, as is self. My mind just sometimes gets in the way, I think when I am not grounded and completely present, it still sneaks in & screws things up. blasted ego!

Yes, toning is awesome...all sound based healings are so beneficial because...sound enters the body directly BEFORE being processed by the brain, yep no Mind, Ego, Self to get in the way.

I just had my final Reiki Master attunement a few weeks ago, and am in the process of some heavy duty clearing out...I know it was long overdue and am glad to clear out this stuff from my mind, body and soul, but it is tough at times.

I don't even know how I found your blog, but I will be back. I like your message. And I will check out the link you posted in your comment.

Many thanks...


Any insight you might derive from my blog, it brings my heart happiness.

When I say my fears left me, I say it with 100% truth... they physically moved out, I did not eat for 5 days. These fears really do reside in your body, once gone ... there's lots of space for the new tenants,like .... love, joy, and kindness.

one love,

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